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Discipleship counseling is "conversational ministry" that helps you access and apply the truths in God's Word to the personal and spiritual conflicts you are facing today.  These Christ-centered, Holy Spirit driven conversations can occur naturally in a focused group setting or more specifically in an individual setting to bring insight, clarity and solutions to every day problems as well as more complex issues. 

Discipleship groups typically run for 10 - 12 weeks focusing on your identity in Christ and encourages you to grow in understanding foundational truths with the support of a godly community. 
To join a group, please see our groups page to find one that interests you.  
Individual ministry is by appointment only and lasts approximately 2 hours with one or two trained prayer ministers who will listen and guide you through key areas.  To request an appointment, please fill out our consent and questionnaire and we will be in touch to schedule your initial session. 
You can begin the path to healing, wholeness and deliverance today!

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